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Air Conditioner Misters feed

altIf you have soft water, then cooling the condensing unit using a mister will drop the temperature of the air entering the condenser coil, helping the compressor to work less to cool down the refrigerant inside that coil, and consequently using less energy and increasing the SEER or efficiency of the system. Knowing that the cost of water is less than the cost of electricity, the EZ Mister becomes an ideal way to cut down on your energy bill on hot summer days.

Water Filter
We highly recommend the use of a Polyphosphate/GAC Filter #MF6PG (see below) with your AC mister, because it removes the chlorine from your water and mitigates water hardness conditions.

Automatic On/Off of Misters with the Air Conditioner On/Offalt
Please see below our 24V AC Solenoid Valve for having your misters automatically turn on/off along with your air conditioner turning on/off. The Solenoid Valve must be installed by a professional HVAC serviceman.

< 24V AC Solenoid Valve #M24SOLalt


Note: if you have hard water, then we don't recommend using a mister on your AC, because you would get a lime buildup on your condenser coil fins. And even if you use the polyphosphate/GAC filter #MF6PG, it would mitigate the situation, but you might still get a film of whitish buildup on the condenser coil fins, although this does not stick as hard as the lime, yet it is still not recommended. TIP: When using #MF6PG, you need a clip #M2CLP, to hold the filter vertically.

Polyphosphate/GAC Filter for Hard Water #MF6PG >


  • If you have hard water, you need a lime reduction Filter #MF6PG, Otherwise the orifices of your nozzles will get clogged in a short time.
  • If you have high sediment levels in your water, you need a sediment reduction Filter #MF6S, Otherwise the orifices of your nozzles will get clogged in a short time.
  • If you need extra Tubing or Fittings, you can conveniently add that to your order (see related sections).
  • Our misting systems requires a minimum of 45 psi water pressure, depending on number of nozzles used, and amount of water flow.
  • Our standard tubing color is Black because it is UV treated, to protect it from the sun's UV rays.



TIP: A Nozzle Extension #MNE can be attached to the Tee, (see illustration to the left), which offsets the location of the nozzle.


TIP: Another way of placing misters around a condensing coil is to set up several posts around the condensing unit, at about 18”, setting a mister at each post, and pointing the nozzles towards the center of the condensing coil. This arrangement increases the misting efficiency on the AC unit.


SKU # Nozzles
Sizes Available
M10AIR 10

Note: The above sizes can be expanded by using one or more 5-Nozzle Extension Mister Kit #M5EXT-4.

Air Filter Covers

As the mist hits the air it evaporates, and any elements dissolved in that water will end altup sucked into the condensing coil, and tend to stick to the coil fins. One way to eliminate that is to wrap your condensing coil with 1/2” filter. This way the nozzles would mist the filter, saturating it, and the condensing fan would such that water in, and any dissolved solids would end up captured by that filter.

With a filter around the condensing coil, it acts as a collector of any dissolved elements that were originally in the feed water, and it would also collect any airborne dust or dirt around the AC unit from being sucked into the condenser coil.

An air filter creates a little resistance to the air passing through it, and this pressure drop increases as it becomes dirtier, a user needs to keep an eye on it and replace it once it becomes very dirty.

The air filter cover mitigates the situation, so once a month check underneath the filter and maintain your coil fins regularly, brushing an cleaning them if need be.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use air filter covers, we highly recommend a Polyester Air Filter since it is flexible, doesn't crack down, and doesn’t allow mold growth in it. WARNING: Never use a Fiberglass Air Filter, it tends to break up and get airborne in very fine particles, and allows mold growth.

Serviceman Mister Kit

Also available the 3-Nozzle Serviceman Mister Kit #M3SRV, which is ideal for creating a cool workstation for servicemen working on hot summer days.

Note: we sell mister kits, not air conditioners.

To view the Contents of each kit, or for more details, Click on a product Link or its icon below!

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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
10-Nozzle Air Conditioner Mister Kit #M10AIR $64.00 10-Nozzle Air Conditioner Mister Kit, for 10 Ton Capacity Air Conditioning Unit.

Solenoid Valve, 24V AC #M24SOL $22.00 24V AC Solenoid Valve for Automatically Turning On & Off the Misters when the AC Unit Turns On & Off.

Clip, for in-Line Filter, 2" #M2CLP $1.00 2" Plastic Clip, for Holding a 2" in-Line Filter in Place.

3-Nozzle Serviceman Mister Kit #M3SRV $38.00 3-Nozzle Serviceman Mister Kit, a Cool Workstation for Servicemen on Hot Days.

5-Nozzle Air Conditioner Mister Kit #M5AIR $38.00 5-Nozzle Air Conditioner Mister Kit, for 5 Ton Capacity Air Conditioner Unit.

5-Nozzle Extension Mister Kit #M5EXT- $32.00 5-Nozzle Extension Mister Kit, Covers 10 linear Feet. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an Extension & NOT a Complete System. Product Details
Polyphosphate & GAC in-Line Filter, 6"x2" #MF6PG $18.00 6"x2" Polyphosphate & GAC in-Line Filter, Mitigates Lime Buildup & Removes Chlorine.

Stem-Nozzle Extension, 6"x1/4" #MSNE $5.50 Stem-Nozzle Extension, Allows a 6" Suspension of the Nozzle Down from the Main 1/4" Tubing Line.

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