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Our EZ MISTER® system is unique & different than any of our competitors: We at Lushan, inc. are the inventors of the EZ MISTER® Stem-Nozzle (Patent Pending) that has revolutionized misting by making it possible to use with Quick-Connect Fittings. Our high-quality components are very easy to assemble and install. Push-in the Stem-Nozzles and Tubing into Fittings, and they Lock-in automatically. This allows our system to be modular, where they can be easily expanded, branched, and customized like Christmas tree lighting. We carry a full line of mister systems, with a wide variety of applications.

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  • On a hot summer day, a Patio Mister would drop the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees F, which would allow you to enjoy your backyard Patio even during noon hours.
  • Having a picnic on a hot day, no problem, a Tent would shelter you from the sun, but a Tent Mister would cool you down creating an outdoor air conditioner. The same applies to an Umbrella Mister.
  • Coupling your fan with a mister, would boost its efficiency and offer you more cooling.
  • Dog can't sweat, help your pooch cool down on hot summer days with the use of a Pet Mister.
  • Garages are usually un-insulated, and on a hot summer day it is impossible to work there without some kind of cooling, a Garage Mister is the most economical way to turn your garage into a pleasant cool working environment.


  • Drops Outdoor Temperature by up to 25 Degrees F
  • Operates on City Water Pressure (45-200 psi)
  • UV Resistant Against Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays
  • Fully Quick-Connect Polypropylene Fittings
  • NSF Standard 58/61 Certified Components
  • Brass & Stainless Steel, PP Stem-Nozzles
  • Versatile, with Many Different Applications
  • Modular, Very Easy to Install & Expand
  • Connects to Garden Hose or Faucet
  • Leak Resistant Dual EPDM O-Rings
  • Flexible Polyethylene Tubing
  • Ideal for Custom Projects


  • Outdoor Cooling: Enjoy your patio any time during the day! On hot summer days a mister would drop the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees F (depending on your water pressure, mister layout, and outdoor humidity).
  • Save Energy: Why escape the heat by moving indoors and turning on your air conditioning system, when you can cool down on your patio by using an EZ MISTER®? The cost of few gallons of water per hour is much less than the cost to operate your air conditioning for the same period of time.
  • Simple: Installing the EZ MISTER® is as the name implies, very easy! Run the 1/4" tubing like a cable line, connect a Stem-Nozzles to quick-connect fittings (Push-in/Locks-in), spacing them two feet apart, anchor the tubing using nail-clamps, attach the garden hose adapter to your garden hose faucet (or garden hose), turn on the water and enjoy the cool mist!
  • Customizable: One unique feature of our system is that we supply our tubing in a roll. This way our customers can custom tailor their mister system to precisely match their architectural layout and specific needs.
  • Modular/Expandable: You can easily expand the EZ MISTER® kit by using one or more extension kit(s) #M5EXT. Each extension kit adds ten linear feet.
  • Certified Components: This is the only mister system on the market with NSF (National Science Foundation) 58/61 Standard certified fittings and tubing components. NSF 58/61 component certification ensures that products meet the standards for the drinking water industry through both structural and material testing. Dual O-Rings inside Fittings: Prevent leakage under water pressures up to 200 psi.
  • Fully Quick-Connect Components: The only fully quick-connect misting system on the market.
  • Stem-Nozzles: The only Stem-Nozzle (Patent Pending) system on the market, we are the inventors!


  • In order to get a decent atomized mist, you need to have a decent water pressure!
  • The higher the pressure, the finer is the quality of the mist!
  • The EZ MISTER® System can handle up to 200 psi
  • Works on city water pressure, by connecting to your backyard garden hose faucet/bib.

Number of Nozzles Per PSI (Water Pressure)

  • The table below shows the number of misters that water pressure could handle to offer a decent mist, (it also depends on available water flow rate).
PSI Pressure No. of Nozzles
Nozzels Per PSI Pressure
45 2
50 5
60 10
70 15
80 20
90 25
100 30
110 35
120 40
130 45
140 50
150 55

* PSI = Pound per Square Inch

  • Normally, city water pressure supplied to residential houses ranges from 35 psi to 90 psi.
  • A minimum of 45 psi is needed for decent misting (Note the above table), but 45 psi can handle only 2 nozzles.
  • Below 45 psi the water particles tend to be larger, and closer to a jet stream than a mist.
  • People with well water normally have their water pressure at about 40 psi, if that is the case, then they need a booster pump.
  • To test your water pressure, you can either call your city water municipality/department, or go to Home Depot, and purchase a garden hose water pressure gauge, they are found at the plumbing department next to sprinklers, and costs about $8.00 - $9.00.

TIP: Your city water pressure will dictate how many nozzles you can run, however there is a way to increase that as follows: Let's say you want to run 20 nozzles and your city has 80 psi, then you are OK (see above table). But if your city supplies 60 psi only, (and you still want to run 20 nozzles), then you need to run two independent lines of 10 nozzles each (this way each line will have 60 psi to handle 10 nozzles). To do this, you can use a 3/4" Garden Hose splitter #MW on your Bib, then attach 2 Garden Hose Faucet Adaptors #MGHFA, (alternately, you can attach one Garden Hose Faucet Adaptor #MGHFA to your Bib, then split the 1/4" line using one Wye fitting #MY to run two line in a parallel direction, or use one Tee fitting #MT to run two lines in opposite directions, (or at 90 degrees from each other).

Mister Applications: Balcony Mister, Gazebo Mister, Deck Mister, Porch Mister, Pergola Mister, Playground Mister, Sporting Event Mister, Cooling Station Mister, Theme Park Mister, Zoo Mister, Livestock Mister, Dust Suppression Mister, Landscaping Mister, Poolside Mister, Workshop Mister, Garage Mister, Waiting Line Mister, Umbrella Mister, Tent Mister, Fan Mister, Pet Mister, Bird Mister, Patio Mister, Canopy Mister, Boat Mister, and More.


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